Website: Oceanis revamped, new look, new conception, same old school sailing!

It was really a time I did not put my hands on Oceanis > Secondo il vento, la vela, so was the right time to revamp it a bit; I’ve updated my WordPress installation and installed a new version of Bad Behaviour plugin and changed theme.
Previous one was a magazine style theme, but cannot stand it anymore as I’m not often in updating; so my choice fell onto a Coffee Desk theme which I had modified.

Main news about the Oceanis blog is the complete coverup of Adriatica  La Rotta  Rossa, following Adriatica step by step, even thanks to Velisti per Caso.
Also if I’m lucky enough I’ll host a permanent link and some of the magnificent sea pictures captured by Pat Miller, a Texas photographer which I just adore.

Also, old style Alinghi love is always on the run and will be posting official concerns about the 33 America’s Cup.

The “Principi di nautica” .pdf file is still downloadable (in italian), and I’m happy to know that about 10 people downloaded in the early days of its publishing.

What else?
I’m thinking about opening Oceanis to public writing, so if you’re a sail lover or an author.. drop a line.


The same question: why WordPress and not a pure CSS of your design?
Because basically I’m not a webdesigner, I’m a graphic designer which means I do not work especially for web development.
My main work is focused on commercial and 3D graphics, where I do not have a direct connection with other people, where I can express my cognition of the shapes around me.

Then.. buon vento!

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