Website: AMM has finally its makeover

Some posts ago I was talking about the revamp of Arti Marziali Mendrisio website; actually the site (developed in PHP) needed so few to be retouched as its main core was optimal.

I’ve been correcting mispells, added some features and featurettes and respected the straights of the vertical and horizontal lines. Updated some sections and prepared (that’s only in local) a “Media” section in order to get it more social than social with Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter interaction.
Added more metatags, as the original creator did not implemented them.. and a tracker.

The site is functional, is easy to navigate, clear, black and white, clean and.. I like it.
It shows the strongness and the main principles of an oriental disciplines and while its modernity and uptodateness is growing and evolving, it keeps its inner strong soul.

If you’re in the Martial Art, and following the Kuniba path, I suggest you to take a look at the videos heredown, promotional material for Club Arti Marziali Mendrisio.

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