Website: a fresh new CSS website for Grotto Baldovana

After a couple of years I felt the need to renew the Grotto Baldovana website; actually they asked me to and really quickly!
It’s basically a graphic site with few information, so my choice has fell onto a pure CSS website dedicated to the alimentary sector, with a special eye on easy navigation.
That’s the final result:


I’ve just kept some of the original colors just to have a kind of “refernce” for old customers; also improved meta keys for better searches and lighten (in weight) most of the images; all previous images were in .jpg format and all resized from their original sizes directly from the sourcecode. This is just apocalyptic: ’cause the page loads all the images in their whole weight, slowing down navigation.

Grouped several categories merging similar ones into one or two so to have less menu entries.
Like it? =)

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