True love is to die for

Five years ago, exactly on April 2, I was posting a deviation on my deviantART account; it was my very first post up there and I thought a so easy idea wouldn’t be much shared.

The concept is easy, shapes I kove, colors I love and a meaning that, nowadays, is too actual.

That draw has a special place in my heart, and I cut out my current avatar from that.

I’d like to show you, as a form of self celebration: 5 years of my first public art.


True love
This is some kind of thing I think everyone would die for have by their own. I personally would struggle for this gift. It’s meant to explain someone I do really love and care, even if there are too many things against us. Hope is neverending. Brushes from * anodyne-stock

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song: The engine room – A perfect lie

Make me beautiful.. Make me.. Perfect soul.. Perfect mind.. Perfect face.. A perfect life..

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