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Traditionals: 15+ spettacolari disegni e illustrazioni direttamente da deviantART

Ancora una panoramica degli artisti di deviantART, stavolta disegni e illustrazioni eseguiti con tecniche tradizionali e miste; la galleria che vi propongo ha un fascino unico, quindi gustatela a fondo e, se siete anche voi parte della community di dA, lasciate un commento a questi grandi disegnatori!

Sotto alcune illustrazioni troverete una nota degli artisti e la risposta alla mia domanda: “Come ti è venuta l’idea per realizzare questo disegno/illustrazione e quali emozioni provi rivedendo la tua opera?“.

Un gato

Home & the Fairies

Skin Deep
Skin Deep, ad opera di Sandra Chiem (deviantART | website)
Originally, the picture was done for an assignment in which we had to create an image revolving a skull and two other reference pictures. I decided to do a Geisha staring at her own reflecting in the mirror because Japanese culture always fascinated me to begin with. But more than that, I was interested in the heavy make up that they always adorn–painting masks on themselves so that society can see them a specific way. But in the end, it’s just a mask, and underneath that a pretty exterior could be a very selfish, vain person that no mask can really hide.
It’s also of course, a poke at how vain and caught up in looks people are into today. I suppose I should say that I feel something profound while looking at it. But mostly? I just remember all the long sleepless hours I spent working on it, and the sense of proudness upon completion

Below the Rust

She left

Freshness of cold

Rain, Park, Night

Hugh Laurie

Four Seasons
Four Seasons, ad opera di Hillary Luetkemeyer (deviantART)
I was commissioned to make four bookmarks based on the four seasons with an animal in each. I chose a background color that I felt reflected the season and then placed the animal into a composition. I don’t know that I feel anything specific. Just nostalgia, I suppose, for the various seasons. Where I live we get the 4 traditional and distinct ones and for that I am glad.

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles, ad opera di Nicolien Beerens (deviantART | website)
I decided to work on this drawing of Jensen after I watched a few seasons of the Supernatural series. During the process of the drawing I was listening to Jeff Buckley, since he somehow, in some way, reminds me of Jensen. And for that reason I called that particular drawing after one of Buckley’s songs: “Dream Brother”, which is also a hint to the role he plays in Supernatural, one of the Winchester brothers. When I look at the drawing it makes me think about anything Supernatural related, and the moment when I had Jensen personally sign a copy of this drawing (: it was the first time I combined the use of colours with graphite pencils, and therefore this drawing has a special meaning to me.

Geisha ad opera di Carlos Garijo (deviantART | website)
The idea came suddenly, after tremendous desires of knowing a bit more of Japanese culture. When I look at it I feel that I should read “Memoirs of a Geisha” ahahah.

White tiger

Gearworld: Fish for Eve

Gearworld: Fish for Eve , ad opera di Ursula Vernon (deviantART | website)
That one was actually a gift for a friend who had taken to working at a pet store, and found herself very enamored of the bettas. She said their attitude was one of “Well, it’s a tiny little fishbowl and the water’s stale and there’s ten million just like it, but this one is MINE and I will destroy anyone who tries to take it away from me.”
I had wanted to do a piece of art for her–she was a fan of Gearworld, and had purchased some of the Gearworld pieces in the past–and since the Gearworld setting has a lot of fish in test tubes and so forth, I decided to make a betta in a glass flask…given the fins, though, he needed a slightly larger space than a test tube to really shine.

Detail Frozen

Wisteria's Love

The illusionists
The Illusionists, ad opera di Bec Winnel (deviantART | website)
I think the idea came from my emotions. I was at a lonley place in my life at that time an longed for intimacy. Not of the sexual kind but of that you get from a best friend or a Sister. When I look at my drawing, I still feel that sense of closeness with another.

Path of Enlightenment
Path to Enlightenment, ad opera di Jonathon Melhus (deviantART | website)
Actually it was my girlfriend who came up with the concept drawing for “Path of Enlightenment.” I have been painting far longer than her so I have a lot more experience at acrylic painting and she wanted to try it. So I showed her and helped teach her through this painting. She did a lot of the background painting and I showed her how to touch it up and make it more real. All the while adding my style to it. We worked on it together collaborating all the time for the first half. The last half of the painting was mostly me finishing up the painting and making minor changes to bring it all together. I guess you can say it turned out so well because it was a work of love and of course two artist’s minds are better than one. Also, the paintings where you learn are usually the best paintings that you do, because it is every artist’s goal to improve.
“When we view our painting we always remember the time we spent together and the joy it gave us making it. I know when I look at it I also get a sense of awe and wonder at the size and immensity of the trees. It makes me want to get on that path and walk it enjoying the beautiful scenery as I get closer and closer to those wonderful trees. How amazing it would be if it were real.

Blue tongue battle

Piramid Head

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