The power of Advertising: when reality is not commercial

Your first thought about a product is given by its advertising; you see a marvellous package with smooth silk ribbon. Or maybe let’s talk about food packaging: in these times all must be 2.0 style, so even a toilet paper advertise and package should renew the concept of softness and smoothness (so when you gently rub your ass your skin won’t suffer reddening).

What makes us choose an item is its presentation, its cover, its colors, its package, its material.
I’m following feeds from The Dieline ( which claims to be #1 package design website and I’m a true believer in this as I find their articles so interesting and well presented.
Well, following The Dieline you can be surprised on how can packages be nice and lovely; also my fave section is Before and After, where a bunch of products are presented in their old and new forms.
Some examples you may find interesting like Tango Soft Drink or Connoisseur Ice Cream.

Also, think about a great firm like Vuitton, you can see from the main website that everything goes in pair: brown leather wallets with brown/black dressed men, little tanned and hazel dark eyes.
Blond women with red cherry lipstick and olive green/white long gown with giggly mirror charms on their hands big bags.

As you can see all around you has a style, an image that reflects (or has to) perfection and over-the-top mood: so if you color your hair with Loreal Hair Color like endorser Penelope Cruz (and she chooses Natural Match #5W which brightens her own natural color – via Celebrity Beauty) you’ll have “GLOSSY GLOSSY” style.
Or a longeuse much more propelled with Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner (not tested, only supposed)..

Commercials, moreover, are filled with perfect items that will make you smarter, faster, pisser, greater, younger, fascinated, bustier and everything better than you are.
Main aim of ads is item promoting, by levering on your sense of being: you feel fat? Don’t worry, take this drink and be pretty as Lindsay Lohan or Madame Bovary! Just two pills to have long straight hairs! A 10 minutes per day job and your body is well shape!
All of this makes a pin in your psychologist-ego.
And they know it so well.
Then you go out and buy pills and drinks and abshapers and whitening toothpaste and hair strenghter.. but none of this can actually afford what the commercial/ad was promising.

So why we still buy?
Because we are attracted by advertisement.
Bet just after seeing those images you will not be so attracted.

All images taken in consideration are from, a website that shows how different items are from the advertisements; they made a closer observation on 100 products and published the results. Many other newspapers and specialized website reported their results too.
And you can be sure that no fake it is: buy some of these products and see by yourself.

Next time you’re gonna buy an acctractive product, think twice: quality often doesn’t mean perfection!

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