Style: le scarpe piu’ scomode, quelle piu’ belle, quelle piu’ costose, quelle piu’ strane

Ah, le scarpe!
Gioia e cruccio di ogni donna.. Carrie Bradshaw spendeva migliaia di dollari all’anno per le scarpe (le sue preferite sono della griffe Manolo Blahnik), le rampolle di casa Hilton preferiscono Prada e Gucci, Lady Gaga si mette ai piede delle robe fetish, a me piacciono quelle giapponesi di Kyto Myamura; e cosi’, googlando qua e la’ mi sono imbattuta in un sito (The Toy Zone) che recensiva le 15 paia di scarpe piu’ dolorose da indossare mai create.

iPhone & iPod Touch Wallpaper: Sex and the City – spice up your Appledevices

I made a meshup of a couple of things: New York, sex, iPhone and wallpaper.
The result is this tiny wallpaper suitable for iPhone and iPod Touch, named Sex and The City.
I didn’t actually want to build up a clone of the most famous serial and movie, you can browse the net or Google it; this wallpaper is something more related to lust and sex in the sleepless city.

Lifestyle: Pink is the color of passion (’cause today it just goes with the fashion)

Pink is a strange color, you can love it or hate it.
I personally am quite neutral but there are people in the world using and abusing of this color.

However it is a nowadays lifestyle, invented by someone and cloned by famous people like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and other wannabe-preppies.
Starting from a single item like a pair of shoes, pink collapses to fagocitate all your way of living..