Installare WordPress in locale su Windows

Installare WordPress in locale.. si fa presto a dirlo, ma ogni volta ho avuto dei problemi e ci ho perso un sacco di tempo; le prime due volte ce l’ho fatta da sola, la terza (questa) mi sono fatta aiutare dalla mia meta’. E tutto perche’ a lezione mi e’ venuta la malsana idea di insegnare ad usare WordPress =)
Ma non perdiamoci in chiacchiere, andiamo a leggere passo passo come installare in locale usando XAMPP!

KVIrc: Celebration, a new theme in pink and cherry blossom (’cause you know you love it)

And after the iPhone and iPod Touch theme, here is another KVIrc theme: Celebration is a quite pinkish theme, a clear one; the clear themes are not my faves but this is a kind of celebration: your life, your world, your love.
This theme comes with a sweety splashscreen (and overlay bar) in the same flavour. Take a look at it and download =)

Impressive Linux and Abstract Wallpapers

So you’re using linux and your current desktops are filled with premade wallpapers. Nice.
Or you’re using Windows because, just like me, there are no good program ports to use linux. Nice..ish..
But.. what about having a fresh new wallpaper showing your appreciation to linux OS?

Here, on How To Geek, you’ll find a collection of linux-based wallpapers that will amuse you!

KVIrc Theme: Erotica 0.6.9

Erotica is a clear red theme, has lust in it.. keep it for the black days! Too many times I saw screens of beauties, and thought I could draw one and share with all of you. Some specs: main image graphic format: jpg matching splashscreen available general font type: Verdana not suitable for QT4 KVIrc version (ye olde fashioned style) Erotica is a woman, is every woman, is a…