Lifestyle: Pink is the color of passion (’cause today it just goes with the fashion)

Pink is a strange color, you can love it or hate it.
I personally am quite neutral but there are people in the world using and abusing of this color.

However it is a nowadays lifestyle, invented by someone and cloned by famous people like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and other wannabe-preppies.
Starting from a single item like a pair of shoes, pink collapses to fagocitate all your way of living; is someone at Squidoo is of the opinion that every woman should own at least a pair of pink shoes, I’m the opinion that if your name’s not Carrie, Samatha, Miranda or Charlotte, you need to pay very big attention to what fits your feet!

Have a look at those pink shoes, if some are fitting to your feet and to your wallet.. let me know =)

Givenchy Pink cutout ShoebootsGivenchy, Pink cutout Shoeboot – $785.-

Bright Pink Spring Shoes Nicholas2
Nicholas Kirkwood, Bright Pink Spring Shoes – $754.-

Very Prive Pumps by Christian LouboutinChristian Louboutin, Very Prive Pumps – £463.-

Let’s jump away from the shoes, quite original right now, and let’s have a see at some incredible pink dresses wore by different celebs and not; you have to chose finely your dresser otherwise you’ll fall into a nasty situation, like Thandhi Newton and Kate Bosworth.. who’s the less awful?


Oh, for the pinkish.. this wins the Annual Pink Horrible Dress =)


And, finally, the best car with the worst woman ever!

Paris Hilton and a custom Bentley
Paris Hilton with a custom Bentley

In love with cars and limos?
I suggest you to have a look at these pictures, so in case you have to customize your car..

Limo inside
Utility Pink
Sport Kitty
Inside in pink
Pink Bugs
Pink smart
Tuned Pink
Pink Veyron
Pink Barbie
pink fat art car
.. and don’t forget all the necessary to clean up your cars!
Kit cleaner, Car Kit, Teppiches =)

pink car wash

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