Nintendo DS bundles: ideas and packaging

Cannot hide my passion for Nintendo DS, since the times of GameBoy and WonderBoy game. But most of all I like their packaging, stylish and preppy for every event.
Those special bundles came out in fancy packaging for every taste, just like the The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass gold DS bundle:


Classy, like the game: the gold/bronze cover reminds of the game ambiances and I bet if there were smells on it they’d have been cinammon!

Mario Bros, pioneer of the one-man game saga got his red bundle with Mario Red DS: Super Mario Bros; red Mario, red cover, red stylus, all color fun.


Same for Guitar Hero Bundle, that cover design is lovely and the game is somewhat excellent.


And, about Guitar Hero (here’s a reference on Wikipedia), these are all the most popular game releases from Activision:

And something for the food, lime edition of Nintendo DS Personal Trainer Cooking, easy and simple as someone cooking for you. Maybe not always you’ll have all your ingredients ready at home but you’ll have the time to cook like Gordon Ramsay (maybe an idea for the new edition!); the lime color suggests fresh and young contents and it’s a nice color to place in the kitchen.


In my kitchen would be a charm, near the fridge (servocontrolled via bluetooth) and the microwave oven =)

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