VMP * Music Project

I had the chance to meet some great people, great artists, great musicians indeed and always thought how to combine fine music and fine art.
What kind of musical sensation would an image blown in me?

As for an answer here came the opportunity!
A bunch of people (the ThreeSomeJazzBand) asked me to create their very first cd cover for their demo album called “Intentions“.
That’s good; that’s art; that’s jazz!


It was my second attempt but I’m pretty satisfied of the final result. And musicians too were amazed, so that the second album “A matter of Soul and other Jazz Tales” was made by me.

A Matter

I’ve designed the ThreeSomeJazzBand logo aswell, and actually I’m on the work for their third album (codename “Celeste“); in some time we hope to plan even a website.


What an experience!
I realized so many other people asked me for designing their CDs or DVDs lines (mostly self produced) and finally, as ./lsd is up and flashing, I’ve opened this section so to expose my works, offer some help and resources, and make you be amazed by music.

The plan (named, of course, Virg0 Music Project) also include to release a serie of piano sheet totally free, downlodable in .pdf format under CC/GNU licences, to suite your tastes… then, stay tuned!

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