Making of a wallpaper: create yours, for free, using X3Studios and your imagination

You browse the web in search of your perfect wallpaper.
You want it simple but energizing, colorful but serious.
You want to change it as often as you change your trousers.

You are a graphic, you have no time to draw your own.
You don’t have any idea, you only work in 3D or in 2D or in 1D.
You want it right.

Then you have no choice: go to X3Studios and design your own!
In simple steps you can create dozens of wallpapers to match your needings.

First step: choose full screen or browser window:

Step 1: choose full screen or browser window

Let’s say we want to keep it in the browser window, let’s then have a look at the intro, explaining briefly the functioning.
And we’re ready to work in this simple workspace:

Step 2: let's get work

By clicking on the arrows on both edges you’ll see some amazing wallpapers.
But we need to create something very personal and very original, isn’t it?
So scroll down to the very bottom of the page:

Step 3: Create New Wallpaper

Now we want to select a background, we can choose from a huge variety.

Step 4: Start creating

Latest of the hard steps =)
Instructions to read before creating: there are Libraries of Elements, Drag and Drop Elements, Editing and Arranging tools for Elements and some more commands available.
Once you’ve read, you’re ready to go.

Step 5: Understand?

Start creating, add elements, change the way they look, change positions, change dimensions, change colors and perspectives. Add text, change backgrounds on the fly, try different back/forward elements combinations and much more.
Arrange your fantasy and create!

Step 6: do it!

Here are a couple wallpapers-examples by me:

Wallpaper Acqua
Aqua Wallpaper

Wallpaper Flora
Flora Wallpaper

Go create, then!

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