KVIrc Theme: Time Makes no Sense 3.3.2


Time Makes no Sense 3.3.2 theme was first released on march 2006; it is based on the ‘XCrystall-black‘  theme developed by Alexey.
It’s a dark theme with my Virg0 character on a nice face closeup; modeled in Poser 4 and postworked with Photoshop.

Some specs:

  • main image graphic format: jpg
  • matching splashscreen available
  • general font type: Verdana
  • not suitable for QT4 KVIrc version (ye olde fashioned style)

theme palette

Theme motto “times makes no sense” has a nifty origin: I was chatting with Szymon, we were exchanging kinda images (KVIrc related) and his clock was showing such crazy time even in that late hours; I asked him about it and he said that time was something with no sense.
Then I rearranged it and.. there it is.

Silly note: that screenshot is the only one take while testing theme in linux (Gentoo).

Adjust the transparency to show or hide the words on the right pane; keep them always on, just to remind there’s not always a sense in human beings behaviours.

Original post in kvirc@virg0.org.

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