KVIrc: a quick banner for kvirc.virg0.org footer

I’m using WordPress either on kvirc.virg0.org, theme is Cellar Heat Dark by Evan Eckard. I find this theme really suitable to my needings even if I’m still changing and tuning some things.


I like the dark and kind of flowering theme, aswell as the whole palette is melting in.

Cellar Heat Palette

But the one thing I really don’t like is the downside (sidebar.php) with some category and new comments stuff in it; I think is fancy for a big-comments-wave blog but mine has quite no comments and all this space is wasted.

Cellar Heat

It’s a widget ready theme so I decided to take off the widgets in the sidebar.php and leave the space alone, ready to be filled with a banner:


Then.. this is the final result:

Cellar Heat banner

Actually the banner is a revisitation (used some Topaz options on Photoshop) of the main KVirc website header (made by me, aswell as the site global layout); thought to bring on some nifty virg0 graphics back (.. did I mention that Virg0 is one of the KVIrc release? The latest using QT3).

And that’s it =)

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