iPhone Application: Devil Reverse

Devil Reverse

Here we are with a new, amazing, iPhone application: it’s Devil Reverse (here‘s the own page)!
Let’s have a quick overview on it:

Back masking unleashed on you iPhone!
Reverse anything you have recorded: your voice, a song, the rain outside, birds tweeting, noises and enjoy reversing!

Also, you could listen to those hidden words by reverse playing some songs (remember Trick or Treat?, Stairway to Heaven?); make the world out of it!

It’s fun and easy.

Discover more, reverse the universe!

That’s cool, hu?
With this amazing application you just simly need to record anyting you want with your device, then push the Reverse button and wait (please note that the reversing process may take a bit too long on very heavy records).

Record and Reverse

And now listen up!
All your records are played in reverse mode, how funny!

And if you’re a fan of those backmasked songs, you could easily understand what’s the matter by reversing those!
You won’t let this go, for sure!

For every info, bug report, suggestion and so on, you only have to leave a comment or drop a line via email.

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