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The state of the art is the highest level of development, as of a device, technique, or scientific field, achieved at a particular time. It also applies to the level of development (as of a device, procedure, process, technique, or science) reached at any particular time usually as a result of modern methods.

is a difficult word, many people try to label Art giving so many different meanings: a well done poster is Art, Picasso is Art, Modigliani is Art, cubism is Art, comix are Art, fashion is Art, poetry is Art, ambiguity is Art, recycling is Art.

Everything is Art, or, better: Art only exists in the eyes of the beholder.
Art is the way you can perform all about anything.


Arte e’ una parola difficile e molta gente cerca di dare uno specifico significato all’Arte: un poster ben riuscito e’ Arte, Picasso e’ Arte, Modigliani e’ Arte, il cubismo e’ Arte, i fumetti sono Arte, la bellezza e’ Arte, la poesia e’ Arte, l’ambiguita’ e’ Arte, il riciclo e’ Arte.

Tutto e’ Arte, o meglio: l’Arte esiste solo negli occhi di chi guarda.
L’Arte e’ il mezzo attraverso il quale si puo’  fare tutto.[/it]

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