Development: a new RPG fantasy character

While rendering some new items for a newcoming iPhone application, I finally had the chance to develop and render a new fantasy RPG character; it is based on my Virg0, so don’t be surprise for the looking like with her.

Amintha Preview

The fantasy inspiration comes, as usual, from D&D characters, so here down you can download all the specifics (following the D&D official Character Sheet – blank sheet is here) about this character.

Amintha Character Sheet

And just a bit about Amintha setup: she’s an ideal adult, about 5.479ft (167 cm), 112.4 pund (51 kg), very clever and quick. Has no body malformations except for a small sindactilia to her second and third foot fingers, both feet. Do not consider this a negative factor, as this deformity gives her a practical and natural path into swimming.
Good swimmer, good runner and good spellcaster, she wears a dark brown leather bodice, made for her by Lughaidh the Carver, a druid Carver in Agotha City in the far South East.
Lughaidh the Carver forged for Amintha even good leather gloves and powerful leather and iron armcovers; also leg warmer, boots and bootcover were in the same material as above items.
Her two axes were forged by Daveth Nagmoor, one of the most known carpenter all over the County. Strong but lightweight, those axes are mercyless.
Daveth Nagmoor also built up a collar really useful: when any blades comes too close to Amintha face, she just needs to turn her face of a quarter and the razorblades housed in the leather collar will prevent fatal strikes – it’s also a prevention against strangling.

She cuts her hairs by herself only in the fullmoon nights; she’s been told by Rihannon – a herbalist druid – that cutting hairs in those nights will make them stronger. Also, she’s not a natural red-haired, Rihannon colored her hairs with a spell named “Khon-Ber-Neth“. Red is the color of fire, of heat, of strongness and Amintha feels fine in her redhead.


Render Specifics:

  • base V3 character
  • Virg0 injection / half modified
  • Alyrr hairs with modification and meshup strikes textures
  • Black Lotus Bodice and Axes
  • 1h and some for total render in FireFly
  • postwork in CS4
  • Polaroid thumb generated with
  • Druid Name Generator by Slack’n’Hash

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