Chris Coyier: arts behind the man and viceversa – (semi) serious interview with CSSTricks frontman

Hands up if you don’t know Chris Coyier.
For those who rose their hands I’ll introduce Chris to you: he’s a smart and highly creative person, CSS guru and founder of CSS Tricks, Are My Sites Up, Script&Style, Quotes on Design, Digging into WordPress, the internet and some more. Well, maybe not the internet =)

I’ve asked Chris to answer a few questions, classic questions about who he is and what he does in life.
If you wish to know Chris in depth don’t go visit his About page, stay tuned here and read the following interview (it’s shorter and has no long company names to remember =).

So, thanks Chris for this timewaste interview =)
Let’s be serious.. check Chris’ resume and have a look at his amazing portfolio: it’s a great inspiration resource.
And don’t miss all the quotes at the bottom of his website, together with a review of a Blu-Ray (Coraline) DVD =)

Chris Coyier - a semiserious interview

Hello Chris, thanks for joining me in; my first question is something people never asked: how did you became a designer guru?
I’m definitely not a guru! I am a designer though, and I love writing about design and technology.

Have you ever seen one or more ugly websites? I mean those that make you scream and hope you’re in a nightmare?
Fortunately on the web, if you find yourself on a really ugly website, you can just click away and be gone in a second. The only time I really get screaming is when it’s a website I am forced to deal with. Like making a reservation somewhere, or using my banks website. Fortunately my bank just redesigned and I think they really did a nice job. Those website with “forced” users really need to go the extra mile to make the experience nice.

I imagine people will bother you requesting colors and comments and tricks and more. Never thought about having a long pause?
Breaks are always nice, but I’m not at the point in my career I could afford to take much time off. Bills to pay, you know =)

Are you always so quite and kind with people? Even in your private life?
Oh I’m getting grumpier the more I go, ha! I try to be as nice a guy as I can to everyone, but if you are a jerk to me I’m either going to be a jerk right back or just ignore you. I only have so much time in a day to interact with strangers, so I choose to only deal with nice people.

How’s your house? Walls painted with Pantone colors and furniture all arranged in a CSS style? I imagine entering in a and some  < float:left wardrobe > and some < div align=”right” >sofa< /div > .. =)
I wish! I finally am moved into an apartment that is nice and probably worth decorating, but I’ve barely begun. My home decoration tastes are very minimal and functional, spattered with art. I have quite a few nice prints that I keep up all around me.

So much projects and works and tasks. Got a real life? =)
I’m not as busy with life as most folks probably are. No wife, kids, or dog. But I like to visit friends and family. I also play a variety of stringed instruments and am really into old-time music. I try to go to a couple festivals every year, and as much other live music as I can.

.. about your future: 25 years from now, where do you see yourself? Doing what?
That’s a very long time, especially with technology moving as fast as it is. I except I’ll be a colonist on the moon, if they’ll allow 50-somethings to space travel.

Any other project you’re woking on?

My biggest project right now is trying to finish up a book I’m writing with Jeff Starr called Digging Into WordPress. We hope to have that out this fall sometime. Other than that, I’m poking at a design refresh for CSS-Tricks, nothing too major, just some evolutionary love, and getting ready for a new section. That’s all I can say for now.

Last question: what famous person would you like to be once reincarnated (believe it or not we all reincarnate, for example in my last life I was an Aloe Plant! =)?
Doc Watson.

Again, thanks Chris and good luck for almost about everything! =)

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