iPhone Application: Devil Reverse

Back masking unleashed on you iPhone!
Reverse anything you have recorded: your voice, a song, the rain outside, birds tweeting, noises and enjoy reversing!

Also, you could listen to those hidden words by reverse playing some songs (remember Trick or Treat?, Stairway to Heaven?); make the world out of it!

It’s fun and easy.

Discover more, reverse the universe!

Central Dogma: Virus

This is a sneak preview of the latest concept dvd packaging and cover design for Central Dogma’s Virus. A virtual band that plays Metal Jazz in an uncommon path.
All brand is made with free brushes and psd, just to play with available resources without any skilling ability into design and creativeness.

Music and inspiration: double your works

I’m used to listen to music while working, I’m quite eclectic so every kind of music could suite. When composing a render in Poser I generally listen to jazz: Charlie Parker and Miles Davis and Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock over all (you can see my last.fm profile), to adjust senses and relax while choosing the right geometries. Drawing and retouching in Photoshop requires a more brilliant music, so…

VMP * Music Project

I had the chance to meet some great people, great artists, great musicians indeed and always thought how to combine fine music and fine art. What kind of musical sensation would an image blown in me? As for an answer here came the opportunity! A bunch of people (the ThreeSomeJazzBand) asked me to create their very first cd cover for their demo album called “Intentions”. That’s good; that’s art;…